Pulse Mapping - Underground Utility Survey Specialists

TSA and PAS 128 Subscan Utility Detection Surveys

Utility Mapping

Pulse Mapping - Underground Utility Survey Specialists Pulse Mapping offer subscan utility surveys compliant with The Survey Association's (TSA)
"The Essential Guide to Utility Surveys"
and the BSI's PAS 128:2014 "Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location", providing you with comprehensive surveys and confidence in their results.

Our utility surveys combine the techniques of Radio Frequency/Electromagnetic Location and Ground Penetrating Radar to detect and map metal pipes, plastic pipes, electricity cables, drainage systems, telecoms, traffic signalling, CATV and fibre optic cable ducts.

Survey results are created in CAD with all utility information accurately recorded on to a topographical survey plan and digital copies issued in DWG and PDF file formats.

If you need more detailed drainage information we can offer the option of a CCTV survey, providing a drainage condition report and manhole report.
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